Environment Social Governance ("ESG")


At Calibre we are governed by our Social Responsibility Policy, which calls for respectful and open engagement with all stakeholders. Our policy steers us towards making positive and sustainable contributions in the communities in which we are working.

As a modern mining company, we acknowledge that our role in terms of social responsibility covers all aspects of our activities, including health and safety and environmental and social concerns from a rights-based approach. It also covers all stages of mining, from exploration to closure and reclamation. 

The Company has been progressing its inaugural Corporate Sustainability Report or ESG Report, which will be published in Q2 2021.

Water Unites Us

Proactive and Collaborative Source Water Protection Program: Rancho Grande


Clean water is vital; Calibre, working together with the Center for an Understanding with Nature (CEN) and the local population, initiated a source water preservation program in 2019 in Rancho Grande (Matagalpa, Nicaragua), contributing to the communities’ sustainable development.

Community Engagement

Calibre has established Performance Standards for Community Engagement. Our standards comply with the principles for good practices endorsed by the International Finance Corporation and the World Gold Council and are compatible with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. 

Coexistence with Artisanal Mining

Artisanal and small-scale miners are legitimate stakeholders. In this sense, Calibre seeks ongoing and wide-ranging engagement and interactions with these stakeholders, under the mutual understanding that industrial mining can be carried out in harmony with artisanal mining, as long as it is done in a safe and responsible manner.

Calibre is committed to working closely with our local communities.

Drawing on local #community baseline studies, assessments and government development plans, along with stakeholders’ views and priorities, Calibre produces annual Community Investment Plans.

Calibre strives to satisfy our business partners and to work together with our communities to ensure longterm sustainability.

Calibre´s Community Investment Plans prioritizes #opportunities to improve community #health, education, livelihoods and social infrastructures.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Standard establishes the requirements for Calibre to meet our commitment to engage openly and respectfully with stakeholders. This standard is aligned with the #IFC’s Social Performance Standards and the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles.


Safety is a core value for Calibre, and the health and wellbeing of all our employees and consultants is our priority. We have developed protocols and procedures so that, together with our employees, we ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Protocols and procedures are regularly reviewed and improved to ensure the highest levels of information awareness and engagement are integrated into our workplaces. 

Our safety policy, protocols, and procedures apply to all Calibre employees, including contractors, suppliers, and visitors who provide services to the mines. Compliance with all established preventative and safety measures is mandatory.

In response to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic COVID-19, Calibre has applied rigorous additional safety protocols, in line with directives of the World Health Organization and relevant Nicaragua institutions.

For 2021, Calibre has set challenging but realistic safety, development, production and cost targets. Without doubt, challenges will arise through out the year, but we will work together to ensure that our efforts are focused on safe production and exploration.

At Calibre, we believe that health and safety considerations are integral to and compatible with all other management functions in the organization, and that effective health and safety management enhances production effectiveness.

Calibre recognizes that good governance, health & safety assurance, environmental stewardship and social responsibility are core aspects of our business. We achieve this by integrating governance, health & safety, environmental and social factors into our decision-making.

At Calibre, safety is a core value and a personal commitment of each of our employees.  We must not only comply with safety protocols in the workplace, but also take safety home with us to educate and protect our families.


Our focus with respect to the environment and biodiversity is to manage the key risks associated with our operations in a coherent and effective manner. Calibre is committed to fulfilling the highest national and international standards that govern the mining industry. 

 The protection of source waters is one of our greatest interests. In and around our areas of operation, we use modern engineering to establish safe controls, monitoring and filtration systems to ensure that source waters are protected and sustained. Calibre complies with the highest standards of engineering and environmental monitoring at our tailings storage facilities, ensuring that safe and regulated process are in place. We carry out consistent monitoring and reclamation activities in previously operated areas to ensure biodiversity, environmental rehabilitation and sustainability. 

Calibre recognizes its role in supporting collective solutions to shared #water challenges, including contributing to improved water security for the #communities that host us.

The small sites affected by exploration work, generally trenches or drilling platforms, are rehabilitated to the same or better conditions than before Calibre’s intervention

As a modern mining company, Calibre acknowledge that our role in terms of social responsibility covers all aspects of our activities, including #health and safety, #environmental and social concerns from a rights-based approach.

Compliance with all laws and regulations governing our activities is essential in maintaining our license to operate. At Calibre, we are committed to complying with all environmental and other laws, regulations and permit requirements in the jurisdictions where we operate.

Calibre maintains a surface and groundwater monitoring program to ensure that the water management systems at our mines are fully functional.


Calibre has created 3,046 good, stable direct and indirect jobs February 2021). Calibre’s operations also stimulate local economies in the municipalities where we work. In addition, our social investment projects seek to improve health, education, livelihoods and social infrastructure. All of this helps to ensure that the company’s contributions extend beyond the life of our mines.

Calibre understands that our success lies in our people. Our team is dedicated, diverse, committed and focused on meeting defined objectives. At the same time, we are committed to doing business in a safe, sustainable and creative way, getting results through a positive and inclusive work setting. At Calibre, 13% of all employees are women, and more than 80% are from the local communities in which we operate.

Collective bargaining agreements are in place at the El Limón and La Libertad mines, and we work hand-in-hand with union leaders to ensure the wellbeing of all employees.

Calibre recognizes the importance of gender diversity and acknowledges the role that women play in the company.

Calibre recognizes that our success resides in our #people. Our dedicated, diverse and committed #team is focused on accomplishing defined goals. At the same time, we are committed to doing business in a safe, #sustainable and creative manner.

Calibre strives to ensure that the #communities associated with our operations have meaningful opportunities to benefit from our presence, including access to #jobs and training, procurement opportunities for local #businesses, and social investment projects.

At Calibre, we ensure that our workforce receives fair wages and benefits relative to relevant national and local benchmarks, norms and regulations.

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